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Heavy Duty Tools

The bending of materials with extreme high resistance, (Hardox, Weldox, etc.), has developed into an important task.

Rolleri heavy duty tools are designed and manufactured for these challenges.

Tools that have up to 4000 kN/m capacity offer you many production possibility.

Our long experience in the area of special and heavy duty tooling, along with our own Research and Development Department, guarantee you efficient and convenient bending solutions.


Specifications for the maximum press force kN/m are indicated as such 1 t = 10 kN


Material Type Mechanical resistance of the material
and the tool body
Hardness of the material and the tool body Hardness of the operating surfaces
after induction hardening
42CrMo4 900-1150 N/mm2 29,1 - 36,9 HRc 54 - 60 HRc
C45 560-710 N/mm2 12 - 15,5 HRc 54 - 60 HRc
1.2767 830 N/mm2 22 - 25 HRc 54 - 60 HRc